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In search of solitude in a raging world . . .

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Long ago, in a land not far away. . . 

Hernando Cortez lead his conquistadores on a quest for power and fortune to the shores of a fertile and mysterious vermilion sea, where life was gentle and time stood still. 

But the sea was unconquerable.  For nearly five hundred years and through most of the twentieth century much of that vermilion sea, known today as the Sea of Cortez, remained static and remote.  Even today, in an exploding world of writhing overpopulation, plunder and opulence, only the hardiest of adventurers find their way to a few of its most beautiful and lonely shores, timeless jewels which continue to conceal many secrets from outsiders -- secrets awaiting discovery by those persistent enough to brave the unexpected extremes of wind, temperature, road conditions and drought.  But for those who survive the torment, the reward is generous beyond wildest expectation.

Within the pages of the Cortez Chronicles lie the adventures and confessions of a lifetime, secrets of the Cortez and of life itself coaxed from the Sea and the land in a fifty year quest -- two generations of 20th century exploration and personal discovery figuratively rivaling that of Cortez himself 1.

For any adventurous enough to follow, discovery and great treasure await, for the secrets of the Sea of Cortez are both powerful and empowering.

Come with us to the beautiful shores of this timeless and engaging vermilion sea, the Sea of Cortez -- and find yourself. . .




1 These adventures and this web site are dedicated to preservation of the Sonoran and Baja California environments, and to the people of the Sea of Cortez and their way of life.  The publishers and the staff of The Cortez Chronicles wish to thank the people of Sonora, Baja California del Norte, Baja California del Sur, and all of the Mexican people for their support and generosity in sharing this valuable resource with their neighbors, los Nortamericanos (los gringos).  ĦA usted, nosotros somos endeudados para siempre!


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