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". . . and the essence of their quest was sacred, and was preserved that those of the throngs who awaken to take up the struggle and follow their dreams to the ends of the earth may understand the sanctity of their pilgrimage."

New Articles, "They journeyed when the gods of the earth and the wind and the sea smiled upon them; and when the gods were wrathful, they sought sanctuary and quietly chronicled all that had gone on before -- that others of the throngs, live ones among the walking dead, may arise and take up the quest, and follow in their footsteps . . . and find communion . . ."
The Chronicles, "They put up stores to last a score of fortnights, and they set forth on the seventh day in search of wealth and adventure.  And after countless days and nights adventure came to them, and they found wealth -- not in the riches of kings, but in the stock of wise men -- and they found communion with the earth, and they were wealthy beyond their wildest dreams . . ."
Guest Articles, ". . . and while in sanctuary they nursed their wounds and exchanged tales of the great battles with adventurers and visionaries of the time, and they found understanding and wisdom in the ways of communion of others and were blessed with deep satisfaction . . ."
Change My Life, "And it came to pass that two among the lifeless multitudes ventured forth.  Each lay their fate at the foot of God and walked on unfamiliar shores, and took up the company of strangers and sought new life.  And in the course of time their paths crossed and they joined hands, and they celebrated their differences and reveled in their oneness.  And they were blessed by God and joined in spirit and in flesh; and they were rewarded beyond all expectation, and happiness was theirs for all eternity . . ."
The Shadow Chronicles, ". . . and when they were exhausted they cast their beds upon the sand and slept; and by night the shadow of Psyche walked among them and laid their fears and longings at their feet, and gave them peace and torment . . ."
The Devil‘s Gridiron, "They communed with the earth and the macrocosm of the playa in symbiotic rapport; and they knew the riches of the earth and were rewarded beyond imagination; and when they returned to the concrete jungle and the Devil‘s Gridiron, the hardships for the lions in winter were indeed profound . . ."
The Adventures, "They came to expect nothing and to entertain everything.  And when they met the unexpected they rejoiced and followed their hearts.  They set their shoulders to the wheel and cast their fears to the wind, and their lives were enriched beyond imagination . . ."
The Ugly American, "Some came to escape the madness, achieving peace as easily as awakening from a restful dream.  Yet others found it as elusive as a foothold in the mire of their own quicksand . . . it was then, as now, a matter of respect."
Excursions, "They came upon a lonely shore where life was gentle and time stood still, and they fell under the spell of the land and were captivated by the sirens of the sea.  They were relieved of their burdens and set free . . . and the wrenching throngs and their pernicious intent were forgotten.  And they communed with the earth for an hour . . . a day . . . a week, and they became whole . . ."


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11/28/2003 Another Glorious Thanksgiving
06/20/1972 Arroyo de San Francisquito
07/10/2004 Brookings, S.D.
10/17/2003 Death Up Close (and Life Renewing)
10/17/2003 Delicate Ecosystem - Route Around the Salinas Estuary
06/17/1972 Grandmother's Diary - Baja, 1972
07/19/2004 Hanston, Bosse and Jetmore, Kansas
07/17/2004 Leslie C. Koontz Farm
08/04/1974 Lime Creek and the Lily Ponds
11/22/1996 Of Sand and Wind - A Family Thanksgiving
10/30/1998 Old Woman Of The Sea
10/10/2003 Paradise Reclaimed
04/04/1997 Parque Nacionale de Cerro Pinacate
06/20/2004 Rafting the Kongakut River, ANWR
10/16/2004 Renewal - Sand, Solitude and Sunset
04/27/2004 Rich Flora of the Sonoran Desert
03/17/2004 Salinas Outer Dune, and Whale Carcass Revisited
03/27/1998 Sanctuary El Niño Style
10/17/2003 Signs of Life (and Death)
07/19/2004 Stone Fence Posts of Hodgeman County
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