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Hanston, Bosse and Jetmore, Kansas

Closest Hodgeman County Towns
to the Leslie C. Koontz Farm and the Mudge Ranch

July 19, 2004


(pop. 268, seven miles)

Road North to Highway - Hanston, Kansas, 2004

 Businesses of the Fifties
The Old Bank - Hanston, Kansas, 2004
The Post Office (left/center) and the Johnny Lincolnfelter Photography turned Barbershop (right) - Hanston, Kansas, 2004

Ed Horne's Blacksmith Shop - Hanston, Kansas, 2004 Machine Shop where Ed Horne built the largest riding lawnmower in the state - 5 speeds forward and 2 in reverse, a five foot rotary blade with an additional reel on either side, and outfitted for night and highway use.

 Once a Gas Station and Tire Shop Forties Gas Station - Hanston, Kansas, 2004

Farmers' Co-op Grain Elevator and Feed Store;
Larry Halling's Gas Station and Tire Shop in Foreground

The Grain Elevator - Hanston, Kansas, 2004


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Main Street Main Street - Hanston, Kansas, 2004
Grandpa's Retirement House - Hanston, Kansas, 2004 The Leslie C. Koontz
Retirement Home


 Methodist Church
of the Forties and Fifties
Once the Methodist Church - Hanston, Kansas, 2004

The Road South Across Buckner Creek

Road South, Toward the Leslie C. Koontz Farm - Hanston, Kansas, 2004

An Ancient Windmill

Windmill #1 - Hanston, Kansas, 2004 Windmill #2 - Hanston, Kansas, 2004


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(pop. 1, fifteen miles)

Approaching - Bosse, Kansas, 2004 Approaching Town On the Highway

 House and Yard -
Grain Scale In Driveway
to Right Of House;
The Grain Elevator Is Gone
House, Scale, and Garage - Bosse, Kansas, 2004



The Hodgeman County Seat
(pop. 932, sixteen miles)


 Looking North On Main Street -
the County Courthouse
Is Out Of View
On the Immediate Right
Main Street - Jetmore, Kansas, 2004

Businesses Open Over 60 Years - Jetmore, Kansas, 2004 Appliance, Drug and Hardware Stores -
Still Active After Sixty Years


 Downtown, as Viewed
From the Highway
Water Tower, Downtown - Jetmore, Kansas, 2004



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