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Devil's Gridiron: Outrage In New Orleans

(1) From: Clair D. Husby
Sent: Friday, September 2, 2005 5:45 PM
Subject: Outrage In New Orleans

I fear there is about 45 per cent of population who are Bush people who see no evil hear no evil and speak no evil of King George. A large article in Sept/Oct issue of Foreign Affairs seems to document this large minority in various polls that have been taken. Whether this 45 per cent will hold through diaster remains to be seen. I have some doubts, and Bush adminsitration will no longer be able to deliver to the Value People positions on abortion, Ten Commandments, gay bashing etc when they are reminded of their poor response to this disaster. If you caught the three panel on the Mc Neal Leher Hour tonight. The three columnists agreed that disasters such as this bring out the two America's that are in existences. Its going to bother this comfortable 45 per cent, who respond to G.O. Karnes choices of Right Wrong or Republican in maybe a different choice. That would not be Republican, but would be Wrong.

Its sad with the Speaker of the House of US Representatives questions whether New Orleans should be rebuilt. Well whatever can be down should be done and done quickly.

South Dakota

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(2) From: Sam Royall
Sent: Saturday, September 3, 2005 10:20 PM
Subject: I am puzzled

We should use one of the recently closed military bases as a disaster response launch site as the home of a properly sized rescue and relief unit -- personnel and supplies ready to fly anywhere on several hours' notice. In the army I was a member of a 12,000 man division on a 2-hr. alert status. Why not a standing rescue and relief division of 12,000 on a permanent 2 hr. launch schedule? Unimaginable disasters require imaginative solutions.

Sam Royall

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