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In search of solitude in a raging world . . .

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". . .most among the throngs joined the communion and took up the quest, and chronicled their exploits that others might revel in their conquests; while now and again one would lie about in squalor and glut himself on sour grapes. . ."

The Salinas Estuary at Low Tide - March, 2004 (38K bytes)


Date Subject Correspondent Sort
08/07/2004 South Dakota and The River Artz, D.
01/28/2005 Leslie C. Koontz Farm Caples, J.
07/11/2005 Living Playa Kit the Curator
09/03/2004 San Felipe, Baja California del Norte Dugan, Carolyn Joye
03/03/2004 Explosion F., Eric
02/16/2004 Commute, The F., Eric
06/14/2005 Hernando's Hideaway Faltus, S.
06/15/2005 Captain Gringo Fester, Bob
12/28/2004 Rainforest! Harper, Cameron
03/24/2005 Kongakut River Diary Holter, L.
09/02/2005 New Orleans, Outrage Husby, C.D.
04/05/2005 Desemboque Coastline Kelly, Jerry
12/04/2005 Forgot Your Purse Lanz, S.
05/05/2005 Desemboque to Puerto Lobos Maciulla, Pat
09/11/2005 Hanston, Kansas Nielsen, K.
12/26/2005 Memphis Blues Penhall, P.
08/09/2002 Tiny Tiger Generator, Sale Rice, Russell
09/02/2005 New Orleans, Outrage Royall, Sam
02/26/2004 Original Ugly American Stewart, D.
05/18/2005 Ritual de lo Habitual Trahan, Adam
01/11/2005 Desert Waterfall - Carefree, AZ Turnbull, Leon
05/10/2005 Ankle Injury, My / Day Twelve V., Melissa
09/02/2005 Stone Fence Posts of Hodgeman County Wilson-Scott, L.
04/08/2004 Miller's Landing Zimpel, K.
Date Subject Correspondent Sort



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