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Turnbull: Desert Waterfall - Carefree, Arizona

(1) Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 at 17:30:54
Desert Waterfall - Cave Creek, Arizona

The Desert Waterfall, Carefree - 1992

There is a desert waterfall just north of the city of Cave Creek, AZ (which is just north of the Phoenix Metropolitan area. It is always running, but sometimes better than other times. Take Cave Creek road north through the city of Cave Creek and proceed through town toward Seven Springs. On the hill immediately before the end of the pavement park your car and hike east, down into the wash and stay in the main wash bottom. Proceed east as the canyon widens out, keeping an eye on the left-hand bank.

After a short distance you will come to a rocky wash that may or may not contain water. Turn left and follow it up the wash a short distance to the waterfall. It's a small fall, a drop of about 9 feet, with a pool at the bottom and wading both below and above -- well worth the trouble in the desert. The hike is less than a mile. You can also reach the falls via 4wd by turning right a few miles back, toward Bartlett/Horseshoe Dams, then turning north into the wash at the bottom about half a mile after the intersection. Follow the dry wash to the falls -- about 3 miles.

Alternatively, after the initial hiking decent into the canyon you can veer right and find one or more springs in the sandy wash bottoms leading away from the hillside on which you parked your car.

Good luck.
L. Fox

Ed. Note:  This waterfall is actually just north of the city of Carefree, AZ (which joins with Cave Creek on the east side). Even so, itís "Just follow the highway."

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