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Wilson-Scott: Stone Fence Posts - Hodgeman County, KS

(1) Tuesday, September 06, 2005 12:24 PM
Subject: Stone Fence Posts Around Jetmore

Thank you for taking the time to sign our guestbook. To answer your question, my mother grew up on the Leslie C. Koontz farm seven miles south of Hanston and we have relatives all over the Hanston/Jetmore area. We lived in Hanston during WW-II and I spent summers in the area for many years.

The stone fence postsB were used throughout Hodgeman County in the early days due to a shortage of suitable wood. There are buildings still in use today in Jetmore and Hanston that were built of this Postrock sandstone, as well as a notable early homestead known as the Mudge RanchB which once stood approximately where Hanston is today and was run by Henry S. Mudge, an eccentric easterner who had more money than sense. The Mudge Ranch florished for a few years primarily due to the consumption of large amounts of money he brought with him -- he apparently didn't know a lot about ranching. The ranch was abandoned before Hanston was founded. But Harry Mudge was well liked, and the story is an interesting one and an integral part of the rich heritage of the area. Watch for the debut of, still a few months off.

L. Fox

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(2) From: botles
Sent: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 15:36:42 +0000
Subject: Koontz Grocery Store

I remember as a little girl going to Koontz grocery store [in Jetmore]. I especially remember getting some little foreign dolls. I wish my mother had kept them.

Anyway my father and mother moved to Washington in 1957. We made many trips back to Jetmore for Christmas holidays etc.

In May when we went back for Cousins reunion I especially enjoyed the fence posts. I found out that there was a lot of that stone mined if you will from my uncle's farm, which is North of Jetmore on the creek.

I am sure my family knew the Koontz family but I was so young that I don't remember to much. If you would like to find more information you could look up Ray and Rowena W. They have lived there all of their lives and Rowena is quite a historian.

Thank you for the email and I especially thank you for the pictures on your website.


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(3) Wednesday, October 05, 2005 11:05 AM
Subject: Rock Quarry


I just found your Sept. 10 response trapped in the wrong email basket (my fault, I made a bad configuration change which has since been corrected). I just wanted to thank you for sending it and tell you about a book I found on the subject of the stone fence posts, which are apparently unique to Hodgeman County and immediate vicinity. The book is listed in our Bibliography via the following link:

You can click on the [Notes] link directly below the bibliography for a short excerpt from the liner notes. I believe the book is available at

I appreciate the additional background you have provided. We will make a point of looking up Ray and Rowena the next time we go through Jetmore. And thank you for the tip on your uncle's quarry north of Jetmore. We'll definitely try to find that quarry, too, just to take some pictures -- although I don't know yet when we will be going back through the area.


L. Fox

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